I was so excited to pick up our box today because it was my first time going to the pick-up location. I’ve always had Curt stop by on his way home from work. Pete’s Greens is great because they have so many pick-up spots in Burlington and surrounding towns. Here is a little picture of what I walked up to this morning! YAY for veggies and local food!


This week’s share included: potatoes, carrots, shallots, lettuce, kohlrabi, kale, tatsoi, parsley, and a bag of braising mix( red frill mustard, red nagoya kale, baby tatsoi, baby pac choi, and spinach). Also a red kabocha squash! Check out the picture below.


It’s time to make a stir fry with tamari, garlic, shallots, shredded carrots, tatsoi, kale, and parsley. Sauteed up over a bed of rice, yum! Oh and I’ll add some tofu too! WOOHOO!


About Kimberly

I've always been in love with food. I was recruited as a pastry chef at a local bakery when I was 15 and left to go to Culinary School when I was 18. Although culinary school didn't work out (too business oriented), I have become more involved with farming and farm-to-table dishes. I'm a twenty something-er who is trying to figure it all out and using food to get through the tough times. Whenever I'm stressed, I twirl in the kitchen and find something to make!
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2 Responses to CSA WEEK 5

  1. Abbie says:

    Please share what you do with the kohlrabi!! I got one this summer, and I’m ashamed to admit that I let it taunt me every time I opened the fridge for a month until it got too wrinkly and had to be thrown away 😦

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