Kabocha Squash Lasagna and Veggie Broth

So, again I’ll start out by saying, “while on the road…” the fact that Im saying it so much really makes me realize that I’m actually using a lot of tricks that we learned on the road! It makes me happy! Ok, so, while one the road we had stopped at a place called Coldwater Gardens in the panhandle of Florida. They are an amazing soon-to-be agritourism farm and we were lucky enough to have a lot of veggies to eat every week! In the meantime, the volunteers there would create a veggie stock bag that would go in the freezer to be made into stock once a week. Curt and I started doing this the second we got home and have made many batches in the meantime!


Start out by saving any extra veggie leftovers like kale stalks, garlic ends, onion peels, carrot peels, etc. Once a gallon freezer bag is filled up, put all of it in a large crockpot and fill the rest with water. Let it cook on low for about 12 hours.


Strain the cooked veggies with a colander and pour by using a funnel into jars. You can either freeze them or just put them in the refrigerator. Curt and I use the broth to cook our rice or quinoa so we go through it fast enough to put into the refrigerator. Using this broth adds a bit more nutrients and flavor to things that you cook!


Curt had started the veggie broth last night so I was compelled to finish processing it today while he was at work and add it into this blog post. Sometimes it just works out that way! We are really luck to have room mates Jamie and Matt who own  Freshies Farm, an organic feed, pasture raised poultry farm in Cambridge, Vermont. They are able to take all of our kitchen scraps (i.e spent veggie broth leftovers) to their  compost pile up in Cambridge. I also want to make a shout out that their Thanksgiving turkeys, They  are available for order at $5/lb. They’ll be heading up there on Sunday to process and I’ll be heading up on Monday to help with any leftover processing. It’s gonna be cold and that’s why we owe our small farm farmers a huge THANK YOU for what they do!!!

As for the Kabocha Squash, I decided to make lasagna with it! When I did my initial search on google, the only Kabocha Squash lasagna came up with the same recipe on so many different blogs and websites. So, as I’m a little lazy right now, I decided to go with it. The recipe originated (I think) from the New York Times recipe Lasagna With Roasted Kabocha Squash and Bechamel. Click on the link to get the recipe. Here are some pictures of the process.




The recipe seemed a little un-colorful, so I added some sauteed shallots, garlic, kale, and tatsoi.


The layering process… Bechamel, lasagna noodle, squash, greens, bechamel, lasagna noodles, bechamel, squash, lasagna noodles, bechamel.


We can’t wait to eat it tomorrow! Tonight we went to a function catered by Barkeaters in Shelburne and ate a lot of finger foods so tomorrow we’ll get to eat our lasagna before soccer!!!



About Kimberly

I've always been in love with food. I was recruited as a pastry chef at a local bakery when I was 15 and left to go to Culinary School when I was 18. Although culinary school didn't work out (too business oriented), I have become more involved with farming and farm-to-table dishes. I'm a twenty something-er who is trying to figure it all out and using food to get through the tough times. Whenever I'm stressed, I twirl in the kitchen and find something to make!
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